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"Being a volunteer is doing ministry and serving our Lord while having fun, meeting new friends and gaining precious experiences all for the glory of God!"
"I love serving God."
"Nothing compares to serving and having fun at the same time! That's being a volunteer is all about! I'm blessed to be surrounded by people who has the same passion for God and music like me. All for His fame!"
"Serving God with people around you sharing the same faith and passion is the best part of being a volunteer. It is an opportunity and a ministry to serve Him - I am very blessed!"
To be part of something big that God is doing in the country is both humbling and exciting! 
"Nothing compares with the exhaustion after each event. Volunteering makes me feel happy, fulfilled and blessed.”
"Seeing thousands of people come together to worship Jesus brings priceless and indescribable joy!"
"Being a volunteer is something I will never ever forget."
"Volunteering for Becca Music makes me happy because I get to use and share my God-given abilities to bless others!"
"To be chosen and tasked to help is a privilege."
"Being part of this event is a privilege of encountering GOD and encountering the people of GOD."
"It's an honor to serve the Lord in a different way like volunteering on events. It's really nice to see the people worshipping God."