Becca Music Ministryis a ministry that exists for one purpose: To glorify and lift up the name of Jesus by edifying the church in Asia by sharing the Gospel through concerts and conferences.

Our ministry is all about creating an atmosphere of true worship for the Lord Jesus Christ. With the help of local and international churches, we draw on the influence of music to share the unshakeable truth and good news of salvation through Christ alone. Our greatest desire is to worship the Lord and to see people worshiping the true King of kings!



We Remember You!

Greetings and prayers -- we hope you are safe amid this battle with COVID-19. While the whole world is being hit by a pandemic we have never before experienced, it is costing lives, livelihood, and our own peace of mind. We believe that music has always had the ability to touch the weariest of souls, and more so music that inspires, and uplifts base on scriptures. No doubt we are in need of this now, as we battle COVID-19 as a nation. In this light, it is our humble advocacy to find channels where we can share something we know is crucial to us all: HOPE. And this hope is ultimately found in Jesus Christ.

We want to give you an update on what is happening with Becca Music Ministry during this time. We continue to serve the public with the same hours and content online. The team of Becca Music Ministry is passionately still giving their talents knowing that THIS IS THE TIME and SEASON to be all the more relevant, to continue reaching out to the lost with the GOSPEL, and to uplift the body of Christ through worship and contemporary Christian music through SAVED Radio.

You can download through: or watch live interviews on our Facebook page: SAVED Radio

We would like to express our care, as we pray for you and your families’ safety and provision during this time of crisis. May the Lord cover you with His love and protection.

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We look forward to catching up with you soon to give an update on our calendar and for any opportunity that we can partner or collaborate when everything goes back to normal. I believe that this season will be our finest days as people are in need ofhope and everyone is very receptive of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus.

Please keep safe, and may the Lord’s protection be with you!

For Jesus’ fame and glory!

For more details please go here: SAVED RADIO